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Heywood 2017 Foundation Mass – The Lord is About to Enter His Temple

‘The Lord is Now about to Enter His Temple’ composed by Andres Gouzes and sung by Heywood Community School Choir at the Heywood Foundation Mass on Friday 20 October 2017.
Conducted by Julianne Wood

Heywood 2017 Foundation Mass- Captain O’Kane’s

Captain O Kane’s played by Heywood Community School Trad group at the Heywood CS Foundation Mass on 20 October 2017, accompanied by Julianne Woods on harp.

Heywood 2017 Foundation Mass Psalm 100 We are God’s people

Psalm 100 We are God’s People, Heywood Community School choir and Heywood Community School Trad group- Heywood School Foundation Mass Friday 20 October 2017. Soloists Emma Grant and Jeremiah Aghedo.  Conducted and accompanied by Julianne Woods choir director. Composed by David Haas

Heywood 2017 Foundation Mass – Laudate Dominum

Heywood 2017 Foundation Mass – Taimse im Chodladh

Taimse im chodladh, Violinist- Conor Donoghue, Harpist Julianne Woods

Heywood CS foundation Mass Friday 20 October, 2017